Welcome to the Syndicate Raids! This is a special type of Raid event where you will work with the rest of your Syndicate to summon private, Syndicate-only Raid Bosses. You'll then compete with other Syndicates to see how many Syndicate Raid Bosses you can kill over the course of the event. The more Syndicate Raid Bosses you defeat, the higher you will climb on the Leaderboard!

Regular Bosses and Unlocking Syndicate Raid Bosses
During Syndicate Raids, there are still regular Raid Bosses which can be shared with anyone, regardless of Syndicate. However, all of the actions you take against normal Raid Bosses will count towards unlocking your Syndicate Raid Boss; the same is true for all of your fellow Syndicate members! Your Syndicate's progress will be tracked using this meter:

All Syndicate members can contribute towards filling up the meter, and these actions can be taken against any normal Raid Boss regardless of the Boss' owner. Every time your Syndicate collectively fills the meter, you will automatically summon a Syndicate Raid Boss that is only available to members of your Syndicate!

If you already have a Syndicate Raid in progress, filling the meter will “bank” a future Syndicate Raid, which will be tracked by these tokens:

If you have one or more Syndicate Raid Bosses banked, as soon as the current Boss dies the next one will be summoned automatically.

The Syndicate Raid Boss
When the Syndicate Raid Boss is summoned, it functions like a normal Raid Boss, except only your Syndicate members will be able to join the Raid Party! This means that you only have up to 25 players to take down a Syndicate Raid Boss.

Even when your Syndicate summons a Raid Boss, you need to make sure to join the Raid Party by Attacking or Healing in order to get added to the list of participants! Only Syndicate members who reach their participation goal will be able to claim rewards when the Boss is defeated. Syndicate Raid Bosses will have stronger item drops than the regular Raid Bosses, but the greatest prizes will come from the Leaderboard!

Syndicates from all three of our game servers will be competing for the top spots on the same Leaderboard!

Leaderboard rewards include a grand prize for being in First Place, along with prizes for placing in the remaining brackets. Mobsters will need to coordinate with their Syndicate and do actions all event long to summon and bank those Syndicate Raid Bosses!

Two final notes about this event:
If you leave your current Syndicate when there is a Syndicate Raid in the process of being killed, you will lose access to that Raid Boss and its rewards. Make sure to stay in a Syndicate until you have at least collected on the current Syndicate Raid.

Additionally, Syndicate Raids can continue to be summoned and killed after the regular Raid Bosses “end” on Monday at noon, but the whole event ends on the following Friday at noon (Pacific Time).