Performing tasks like defeating a Boss, completing Adventures, or doing Challenges can earn you Favor Points that you can trade in for a variety of prizes.

You can spend these Favor Points in the in game Shops! The Shop will be run by Davey Jones.

You can purchase a variety of things from the in game Shop, including:

Limited Items - Rare and powerful Weapons, Mateys, and Ships much more that are only available for a short time or in limited quantities.
Sale Items - Great deals on an assortment of random items.
Crates - Your best bang for your buck! Purchase the 3 Master Stone Crates for at least 1 guaranteed Legendary item!
Hired Captains- Silent mercenaries who can bulk up your Clan size.
Refills - Quick boosts to your Health, Energy, Stamina, or Gold.
New Characters - Exotic and Elite new classes, each with a thrilling history and a unique selection of abilities.

Keep checking back as we are always putting out new item sets! Our art team gets pretty creative with the stuff they put out, from dinosaur hide armor to killer rubber duckies!

If you feel that you aren't progressing as quickly as you'd like, you are also able to buy Favor Points with real life currency. You can check out the information on that by scrolling down on the store page.

Once you reach the Platinum Loyalty Tier, you will unlock the ability to purchase Favor Points as gifts for your friends. Sending Favor Point gifts to other players will also earn you Loyalty Points -- it pays to be kind! Note: purchasing Favor Points as a gift only provides Loyalty Points to the purchaser, not to the recipient.

Gifting FP

Encountering a purchasing issue while playing on the mobile app? Make sure to fully close the app and reopen it before trying again!