You are able to join forces with other players to create an Armada. Work together as a team to earn as many Gamer Points as possible, complete Armada Quests and fight your way to the top of the Leaderboards.

You can check out the list of existing Armadas or create your own by going to your Profile and selecting the appropriate button. They can have a membership of up to 25 players, including one Leader and up to three Officers.

Joining an Armada
Joining a pre-existing Armada is a great way to make friends and learn the ropes of the game. There are always lots of Armadas who are looking for new members. If you want to join a high-ranking team you may have to petition their existing members to accept you, as many are extremely competitive and selective about who they admit. Your Gamer Points will contribute to the Armada Gamer Point total the day after you join a new one.

Creating an Armada
When you hit level 50 you gain the ability to start your own Armada. Creating a new Armada will cost you 1,000,000,000 Gold, but you will have full control over customization and membership of your team. Something to remember, Armadas that no longer have any members at all are considered disbanded and are permanently removed from the game.

Armada Names and Tags
Pick a name that defines what your Armada is all about and a Tag that will help others identify your character as a member. Tags consist of 2-4 characters, often an initialism, which represent your Armada and appear before your name in certain areas of the game.

Unlike character names, Armada names and tags do not have to be unique so be aware that other groups may turn up with the same or similar identifiers.

As with game names, please keep your Armada name and tag free from targeted harassment towards an individual player, should not contain any explicit sexual language, offensive content or other harmful language deemed by Kano Staff.

Public and Internal Messages
Leaders and officers can choose to include a Public Message with their Armada. This can be a short description of your Armada, a mandate, or any other text they want players to see when viewing their page.

By contrast, an Internal Message is a line of text on the Armada's profile that only can only be seen by members and can include event planning or team alerts.

Kano Admins reserve the right to change inappropriate Armada messages to statements about how magical friendship is.

Select a Flag to represent your Armada. Flags can be changed at any time by a Leader or Officer.

Recruiting Status
Setting your Armada's recruiting status to Yes will allow potential recruits to send you their requests to join. You can check your join requests from your Armada's profile page.

Member Privacy
Enabling Member privacy will limit who is able to view your Armada's membership list. Keep in mind that members of an Alliance or Enemy Armadas will still see your member list regardless of this setting. If you enable this setting you will also not be able to see the member list of other Armadas. The Member Privacy setting can only be changed once every 7 days! Make sure it's something you really want to do before changing it.

There are 3 types of membership roles in an Armada.

The Leader is the primary administrator of the Armada, and can customize the name, tag, flag and other characteristics of the Armada at any time. They can also invite, admit and remove members and promote regular members to Officer roles.

The person who creates an Armada is the Leader by default, but they can choose to pass this role onto an Officer if they choose. There can only be one Leader at a time.

An Officer has all the same powers and privileges of the Leader, except that an Officer cannot remove the Leader from the Armada or transfer that role to anyone else. There can be up to three officers in an Armada.

Regular Members are just that. They don’t have the ability to edit the Armada details or the membership roster.

Allies and Enemies
Armada Leaders and Officers can request a formal Ally or Enemy relationship with another team from their Armada profile page.

Becoming Allies or Enemies with other Armadas allows you to see their membership lists under the Connections tab and track their activity from the Feed on your Armada page.

RankingsAs with individual players, Leaderboard rankings for Armadas are determined by Gamer Points. Each Season, Armadas with members who gain the most Gamer Points the fastest compete for the top spot. Placing higher on the Leaderboard can earn your Armada Awards which are displayed on your team’s profile page.