Play the lottery for a chance to win the daily Jackpot or one of many lesser prizes. To get to the lottery page tap on “Shop” at the bottom of the screen and select “Lottery”.

How to play the lottery

Choose five Numbers from 1 to 18. Five Numbers are drawn daily, out of 18 numbered balls. Match all 5 Numbers to win the jackpot. Match 2 - 4 Numbers to win smaller prizes.

You can view your tickets and draw results by clicking the “My Tickets” and “Draw Result” buttons.


1. The Jackpot will continue to accumulate until a winner is drawn.
2. If there was a Jackpot winner, the Jackpot size will revert back to 500 Favor Points for the next draw.
3. Each ticket is good for 1 draw and you have 7 days to validate the ticket.
4. There is no guaranteed winner of a draw.
5. You cannot cancel your ticket(s) after purchasing.
6. There is no refund of tickets being purchased.

One very important thing to remember, you have 7 days from the time of a draw to validate your ticket and receive your winnings. Make sure to check those every day, otherwise you might end up losing out on a sweet payout!

Payout Structure

Depending on how many numbers on your ticket match the numbers in the Draw you may win a prize:
  • 5/5 numbers: you win the entire progressive jackpot of FP.
  • 4/5 numbers: you win 50 FP
  • 3/5 numbers: you win a Free Ticket for a future Draw
  • 2/5 numbers: you win 1 FP


Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the lottery in any manner.