The Beacon of Life is a feature that incentivizes players to bring back old Captains to Pirate Clan. When you send a Beacon of Life the player that receives it will get some rewards as soon as they come back to the game to help them jump right into gameplay. Based on how much Gamer Points they earn through their next four seasons you can both earn Weekly rewards with the possibility for a bonus reward at the end of this period. See the info in-game for more details about the Weekly and Bonus rewards.

Please note that the ability to send Beacons is only available through Facebook and is not supported on KanoPlay.

Where to Start

If you are eligible you will see a new tab on your Profile called "Beacon of Life". Click on the "Tell Me More" button to see specifics of the rewards available and to start sending Beacons.

How to Send

Once you have opened the Beacon of Life menu you will see your Candidate List. Choose from any of these candidates to send a Beacon to which will show up on their side as a Facebook request. Once a Beacon is sent this Captain will be moved into the Pending tab where they will remain until they rejoin the game or five days pass.

How to Track Progress

If you have any "Active" Beacons you can track your Captain's progress by clicking the Active tab. Here you will see a week by week breakdown of their GP progress. At the end of each season, rewards are able to be collected with the Bonus reward becoming available at the end of the fourth season since your Captain rejoined.

On the other side of this your Captain who has rejoined Pirate Clan can see their own progress by going to their own Profile and looking for the "Beacon of Life" tab. This will show their week by week Gamer Points progress as well as their progress towards the bonus rewards. Your rejoined Captains will also be able to collect rewards at the end of each season and the Bonus at the end of four seasons.