Pirate Clan Royal Plunder Graphic


How to Play

Welcome to Royal Plunder!  Attack the enemy convoy to win XP, and Coins. Destroy the convoy by dealing enough damage, and you will earn the Clear Bonus. To begin, click anywhere on the image of the convoy to shoot a cannonball at them. A free cannonball will be awarded every so often, so be sure to check back occasionally! You can also ask for the help of your friends to earn extra cannonballs.


Royal Plunder runs periodically throughout the month (usually over the weekend) - very similarly to our regular Calendar challenges. During the course of the event, you may complete the Royal Plunder challenge multiple times, but the enemy returns with more health each time they are defeated.


Clear Bonus:

To earn the Clear Bonus, you must plunder and destroy the enemy's ship by attacking them enough times to reduce their HP to zero. This will award you with an item unique to this Challenge, as well as a combination of some XP and Coins.

Minigame - Royal Plunder - Convoy image

Single Hit Payout:

Every single cannonball fired at the enemy ship has the potential to award a Single Hit Payout which can be a combination of XP, and Coins. The chance of winning is listed beside each payout tier denoted by the yellow line.



The number of cannonballs you currently have available is displayed in the Cannonball area in the lower left of the game screen. You begin with a few cannnonballs and can hold a maximum of 15 free cannonballs that will reload a variable number of cannonballs (1-5) every 40 minutes. Additional cannonballs can be purchased at the Store or you can request the help of up to 15 friends to earn extra cannonballs.


Extra shots can be purchased in the Store for FP.


Request the Help of Friends:

You can post a request to your Armada members to help earn extra cannonballs in the Royal Plunder challenge. Get up to 15 friends to help you earn extra cannonballs.

Keep your eye out for the next Challenge, and best of luck on the high seas, mateys!