Looking for more ways to purchase FP?  Look no further!

Our Xsolla Webshop accepts more payment methods from additional supporting countries, if you're unable to purchase in game this is the perfect solution!

You can also now purchase larger FP amounts! 

Do you like to have the best gear? How about knowing you can refill your health/stamina as much as you need to during a fight? Purchasing larger FP bundles through the store ensures you are able to stay locked and loaded and ready for anything!

How do I access the shop?

To access the Xsolla Webstore, you'll need your Player ID which can be found on your Player Profile.

Player ID:

Pirate Clan Player Profile link

Once you have that, use the following links to access the shop on the server you play on:
- Pirate Clan Server 1 https://pirateclans1-webshop.kanoplay.com/
- Pirate Clan Server 2 https://pirateclans2-webshop.kanoplay.com/ 

Pirate Clan webshop -- add player id

From here you'll want to add your Player ID and will be able to check out using your Credit Card information or you can select any of the listed Payment Options that are available in your region. 

Pirate Clan webshop -- payment methods

You will see the payment confirmed in game, as well as the Bonus Loyalty Points you would receive.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to let us know by writing in to support@kanoapps.com and we would be happy to help you out!