Welcome to Raid Ranks! After seeing our Zombie Slayers level up with better gear, it seems the Raid Bosses have finally had enough and want their crack at the wheel! Players can compete in an exciting Raid Event that sees the players gain Raid Rank Points and, subsequently, fight higher ranked Bosses that give out better gear. 

How does it work? 

Raid Ranks is an exciting new Raid Event that's available for all four of our games (Mob Wars: LCN, Viking Clan, Zombie Slayer and Pirate Clan), launched in September 2023. Each game gets their own series of brand new Raid Bosses to summon! 

Players can summon a Raid Boss as usual. As you defeat Raid Bosses, players will earn "Raid Rank Points" to increase their personal Raid Rank. As players "Rank Up", so will the Raid Bosses they summon! Top ranking Raid Bosses (Rank 3) will offer players better rewards (including unique new Premium item drops)

Every player who earns at least one Rank will be placed on the Raid Ranks Leaderboard, with the prize tiers being similar to the Raid Fusion Leaderboard.  You'll want to compete to climb this Leaderboard and earn some awesome rewards.




Depending on your placement, players can unlock some exclusive new Overlays and Achievements!

Players start off at Raid Rank 0 and can summon Rank 1 Raid Bosses. Upon defeating and collecting a Raid Boss' rewards, players will earn Raid Rank Points based on their total actions contributed to the Raid, similar to a regular Raid Boss fight. Note: Make sure to collect your rewards when you defeat a Raid Boss to collect your Rank Points - You can see these Raid Rank Points accumulate in the blue Raid Rank progress bar during the event. 

Every 10 Raid Rank Points earns a player their next personal Raid Rank. When players reach Raid Rank 10, they will unlock the ability to summon Rank 2 Raid Bosses. This Raid Boss has new and improved artwork to reflect their growth, and its own unique Achievement (but no change to item drops).

At Raid Rank 25, players unlock the ability to summon Rank 3 Raid Bosses, which have upgraded art, a new unique Achievement AND all-new Premium Item Drops!

Important Notes to Remember: 

  • The only way to gain Raid Rank Points is to collect on a defeated Raid Boss.

  • Players will gain Raid Rank Points only if they meet the minimum required participation threshold. The more actions (Attack & Heal) players do, the more Raid Rank Points they will earn when Collecting, relative to the other players involved in the Raid. 

  • Bosses do not become more difficult to defeat as they Rank up. 

  • Regardless of their own personal Raid Rank, players can join ANY Raid of any Rank (i.e. a player that can only summon Rank 1 or Rank 2 Raid Bosses, can still join a Rank 3 Boss) 

  • The best strategy is to Rank Up as quickly as possible, so you can summon Rank 3 Bosses with the best possible loot!