Rev U is a new method that players can acquire UN Credits by performing tasks such as making progress in another game, or filling out a survey.  We are excited to offer players another method of acquiring our most valuable currency! 

If you navigate to The UN page and scroll down, you will see this button. Click it to see which offers from Rev U are available. 

Zombie slayer UNC modal

Surveys are free, other offers can be free (like get to level 10 in another mobile game), or they can involve purchases with deals attached.

zombie slayer rev u offerwall

Some offers will yield huge amounts of UNC!

500 unc for downloading raid shadow legends

Once you have satisfied the criteria of the offer, you will see UN Credits added to your balance! 

If you have any issues or questions regarding Rev U offers, please contact their support team by clicking the below icon circled in red. 

how to contact revu support

This will bring you to your Rev U Account Page, where you can see a list of offers and the results of completing them. 

Please note:
  • Rev U offers cannot be accessed by brand new players, or if players have made a recent purchase. 
  • Rev U is only available on Server 1 and Server 2. 
  • Rev U is not available on Facebook or Kongregate/Armor.